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October 2018

September 2016

New Website, New Beginning!

Our passion doesn’t just stop at delivering traceability coffee beans. More than that, we care to pass on knowledge and bring coffee experiences to the house with cupping sessions, coffee tasting and more, for all coffee roasters, enthusiast, baristas, café owners and all coffee lovers.

As we grow and evolved, our website has also taken a different look. With this New Website, we hope to serve you better.

What’s more, for home roasters, we are excited to make these specialty-quality coffee beans ready for you in small amount. You will be able to conveniently purchase our fractional bag coffee bean in our Online Shop.

January 2015

You Ask, We Deliver…

Demands for a greater variety of coffees we provide were growing exponentially as our customer base rises, and in 2015 we have successfully answered their demands, expanding the variety of our coffees by a significant amount. Supported by a powerhouse company List & Beisler, based in Hamburg-Germany, and their 35 years of experience in the industry, we were able to include the highest quality of coffee beans from many other regions including: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Although a new partnership arises, we still maintain our strong relationship with our original supplier Permata Gayo Cooperative, keeping our Sumatran Gayo coffee line pure and authentic, just like the day we began.

May 2012

And Our Journey Began…

Established in May 2012 by founder, coffee lover and enthusiast Ichsan Akbar, Sumatra Coffee House began its journey with a single mission; to make the better selection of Sumatra coffee available for the world to enjoy. Supported by an exclusive partnership by a local coffee producer Permata Gayo Cooperative and strong ties to the coffee farmers themselves, Sumatra Coffee House has been delivering the highest quality Sumatran Gayo coffee, authentic and traceable, Australian-wide.