Sumatra Plantation Semi-Washed Grade 1 Permata Gayo Cooperative

  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Region: Permata sub-district of the Aceh province of Sumatra
  • Organization: Permata Gayo Cooperative
  • Climate: Wet tropical
  • Altitude: 1200 to 1600 above sea level
  • Total annual production: 1600 metric tons (approx. 80 containers)
  • Total Production area: 3000 hectares
  • Estimate production: 900 kg/ hectare
  • Cultivars: Ateng Jaluk (catimor variety), Bourbon  (a local selection of hibrido de timor – natural cross of typical and robusta)
  • Processing : Semi-Washed (Wet-Hulled)
  • Soil Type: Andisol (volcanic ash as a parent materials) commonly found in the circum pacific “Ring of Fire”

Source / Processing / Story:
Permata Gayo Cooperative was formed in 2006 by 40 coffee farmers from 5 villages in the Permata sub-district of the Aceh province in Sumatra. Their goal has been to produce the highest quality coffee and use the proceeds to improve the lives and communities of its member. Today the cooperative has over 1500 members from 26 villages and boasts several certifications, including Rainforest Alliance Certified™, one of the few in Sumatra to carry such a prestigious certification. In bringing the full process from farmer to final export under one roof, Permata Gayo Cooperative is able to regain more control over each step of the way to improve quality and communication to achieve their ultimate objective – sharing a bigger portion of the final price back to the farmers themselves.

A well known process, Wet Hull, is very characteristic to this region. Coffee cherries washed to get what they call ‘Gabah’ (wet parchment) and exposed them to the sun for drying (wet hulled parchment). It gives a very unique blue-green colour to the beens.

Cup Profile: Medium Acidity, Strong Body, Cocoa, Tobacco, Earthy, sweet, smooth and balanced.