Colombia Alco Bolivar Supremo Huila

  • Varietal: Diverse
  • Grade: Supremo
  • Harvest: 2015
  • Appearance: 99.9% above 16 screen
  • Intensity / Prime Attribute: Bread, cinnamon, broth/heavy body, caramel
  • Region: Pitalito – Huila
  • Altitudes: 1,400 meters (4,550 feet) to 1,700 meters (5,500 feet), above sea level
  • Q-Grade: 83+
  • Process: Wet

Laumayer & Co. in business since 1938 / independent exporter
For over 75 years, the coffee market has changed and with that evolution of Laumayer & Co. has evolved to cater to the market needs.
• Know exporter for its quality and special sourcing of Maragogype coffee. Colombian production is only 2K bags.
• Specialized customer portofolio made up of mid-size coffee traders and roasters.

Additional Notes:
Alco Bolivar is a blend of the production areas in Colombia that are well known for its quality. Because of that the consistency of the cup, Alco Bolivar is always consistent year over year.

The bend and preparation is made with purpose of making in into a blend because of its sweet and balanced cup; however, it can also be used as a single origin whole bean Colombia.