Brazil Pulped – Natural Cerrado, Yellow Bourbon, Fazenda Pantano, Tag Certified

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Region: Minas Gerais, Patos de Minas
  • Form of organization: Fazenda
  • Fazenda: Pantano
  • Altitude: 1,150 meters above sea level
  • Variety: Yellow Bourbon
  • Harvest period: May – September
  • Processing: Pulped natural / eco – washed
  • Classification: Screen 16+ , strictly soft, fine cup.
  • Special feature: Tag certification, TAG ID: 7898328781452689630

Story, Origin & Processing:
Fazenda Pantano is located in the middle of Cerrado (Savanna) os Central Brazil in the federal state Minas Gerais, close to the city of Patos de Minsa. It covers a total area of 600 hectares and is operated by the Ferrero family. More than 100 hectares of the land are kept uncultivated as a permanenet natural forrest reserve which is a legal requirement under Brazilian law. The farm management supports a local school and funds various trainings for the staff. Besides the traditional processing method, Fazenda Pantano applies the so called “eco washing: method. After harvesting the cherries are pulped and then immediately dried on African beds. This safes water and protects the environment. Being also a member in the association of the Cerrado coffee farmers, the Ferrero family guarantees high quality standards and sustainable farming practices. Those are proven through the “tag” – certification which makes it possible to trace back every single bag down to farm level. Every bag gets an individual label with a number code which verifies the exact origin of the coffee. Through a search option in the internet one can find more comprehensive information about the respective Fazendas including cupping reports from professional Q-graders.

Cup Profile: Mild acidity, light to medium body, nutty, sweet, and well balanced.