Sumatra Plantation Specialty Grade ‘Cendana Estate’ Red Bourbon, Kokowagayo

  • Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Region: Gayo Mountain, Bener Meriah, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
  • Estate: KOKOWAGAYO, (Branding Lady Bagayo Red Bourbon)
  • Altitude: 1350m – 1600m
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Harvest Period: September – July
  • Classification: Specialty Grade
  • Processing: Semi-Washed (Wet-Hulled)
  • Special Feature: Women only Cooperative

Source / Processing / Story:
Measuring a total of 492ha, KOKOWAGAYO is one of the newest with medium size estate in the Province. Founded in 2014, KOKOWAGAYO committed to develop the woman ability in the industry, providing exposure toward International market and support the woman well-being. The name KOKOWAGAYO which are an abbreviation of Koperasi Kopi Wanita Gayo (Gayo Women Coffee Cooperative) create a secretive aura from its very feminine name. The member of KOKOWAGAYO are not only the manager of the plantation, but also the owner of the plantation and directly involves in coffee processing.
KOKOWAGAYO located in Bener Meriah, one of the three regencies comprising Gayo Mountain Plantation. Bener Meriah area are heavily populated by buffalo, thanks to the Gayo people main occupation as grower. Owing to the people massive experience in agriculture, numerous of tree waste are recycle to be used as organic fertilizer for the coffee plantation. The plantation under KOKOWAGAYO estate adopt shade tree methods, a method which enrich soil organic compound and limiting the growth height of the coffee tree. Thanks to this method, the red bourbon coffee varietal that initially planted in 2012 capable to produces excellent quality of coffee beans as the coffee ripens slowly and producing plenteous cherries to develop to their full flavour. Once entirely ripened, the red cherries are carefully handpicked, pulped, and naturally fermented before being washed and finally graded. The cupping test result for this variety produces a bolder and cleaner coffee in comparison to average Sumatra origin coffee.

Cup Profile: Medium Acidity, Mild to Medium Body, Berry, Apple, Earthy, sweet, smooth, clean and balanced.