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October 2018

New Logo Announcement 2018


We are proud to announce the launch of our new logo as part of our ever-evolving company’s identity. As our business grows and evolved over the years with support from all our coffee supplier to satisfy the needs of coffee roasters, we felt it was the perfect time to evaluate our company’s brand and [...]

New Logo Announcement 20182018-10-16T09:53:30+11:00

February 2017

West Java Province


After Solok Radjo, we head to West Java Province, where we were invited to meet coffee growers at Gunung Puntang and Mangalayang. We were asked to do cupping for the coffee produced by these two farms, and to compare them with coffee from other parts of Indonesia; Aceh, Sulawesi, and Sumatra. What intriguing is [...]

West Java Province2017-02-24T10:21:09+11:00

Solok Radjo


We have taken the opportunity during the year-end break last year to visit a coffee plantation in West Sumatra, Solok Radjo Cooperative. The coffee produced by this plantation, which located 1600masl, has continued to gain recognition in the local market as well as international. Started their first harvest last year, the coffee produced was [...]

Solok Radjo2017-02-20T15:32:31+11:00

November 2016

Premium Organic and Premium Fairtrade Distribution


Since certified in 2014, our partner, Kokowagayo (Gayo Women Cooperative Coffee) has continuously distributed premium benefited of selling Organic coffee and Fairtrade Coffee back to farmers and members. Being the first all Woman Coffee Cooperative of Asia, Kokowagayo has improved the livelihoods of its farmers and a total premium of USD $230.000.00 (two hundred [...]

Premium Organic and Premium Fairtrade Distribution2016-11-09T12:30:41+11:00

Atlanta Coffee Auction Sequel 2016


Sumatra Coffee House attended Atlanta Coffee Auction Sequel which was part of Trade Expo Indonesia 2016, the largest trade show of the year with strong support from the Government and the private sector, which take place in Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, 12 – 16 October 2016. In this auction there are 14 [...]

Atlanta Coffee Auction Sequel 20162016-11-09T11:02:20+11:00

Sumatra Coffee Festival 21th – 23rd October 2016


The 8th Indonesian Cupping Competition International (KKSI) event, which was conducted as part of the Sumatra Coffee Festival in Takengon 21st – 23rd October 2016 was a success. Sumatra Coffee House had the opportunity to attend this event where it gathers all growers from Toraja, Solok, and West Java to East Timor. Gayo Ambassador [...]

Sumatra Coffee Festival 21th – 23rd October 20162016-11-09T11:18:40+11:00

September 2016

New Website, New Beginning!


Our passion doesn’t just stop at delivering traceability coffee beans. More than that, we care to pass on knowledge and bring coffee experiences to the house with cupping sessions, coffee tasting and more, for all coffee roasters, enthusiast, baristas, café owners and all coffee lovers. As we grow and evolved, our website has also taken [...]

New Website, New Beginning!2016-10-01T14:01:22+10:00

How Does Our Sumatran Coffee Processed?


Ever wonder how and what makes them authentic? Farmers deliver their coffee cherries to the collectors. The collectors de-pulp, ferment overnight and briefly wash the coffee to get what they call “Gabah” - wet parchment. They then dry the wet parchment down to 40% moisture content, known as “Labu”. The next step is to wet [...]

How Does Our Sumatran Coffee Processed?2016-10-13T12:07:54+11:00

January 2015

You Ask, We Deliver…


Demands for a greater variety of coffees we provide were growing exponentially as our customer base rises, and in 2015 we have successfully answered their demands, expanding the variety of our coffees by a significant amount. Supported by a powerhouse company List & Beisler, based in Hamburg-Germany, and their 35 years of experience in the [...]

You Ask, We Deliver…2016-09-30T08:50:17+10:00
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