West Java Province

//West Java Province

West Java Province

After Solok Radjo, we head to West Java Province, where we were invited to meet coffee growers at Gunung Puntang and Mangalayang.

We were asked to do cupping for the coffee produced by these two farms, and to compare them with coffee from other parts of Indonesia; Aceh, Sulawesi, and Sumatra.

What intriguing is how they constantly improvise and educate themselves on ways to better plantings, processing, and management in order to boost productions and market their coffee as speciality coffee.

During the visit, we were also introduced by local Expert Staff Governor and Head of Department of Food Crops of West Java Province, who initiated the meeting at the Centre for Development of Agriculture at West Java, Bandung.

In general, coffee beans produced from these farms have good profiles and have gone through good production process in accordance to SNI and SCAI. In the future, we expect to maintain good relation and looking forward to introducing the coffee to the Australian market.

Harvest season will be expected in April and we will see this coffee here in Australia in July and October.